A pioneering, economical and eco-friendly solution to the dated technology of cat’s eyes and carriageway illumination. With proven successful installation in various locations such as motorways, walkways, car parks and cycleways, these studs provide guidance and advanced warning to drivers. As a result there has been a significant reduction in accidents and an improvement in road delineation.

Each installation is carried out with full UK Department of Transport Type Approval by one of our fully Sector Scheme trained teams.


Solar Powered Road Studs

These innovative and eco-friendly road studs use the natural resources of daylight to re-charge the ultra bright LED’s within each stud and give up to 800 metres of visibility during darkness.

Further benefits of solar road studs include:

  • Reduction in accident risk due to improved driver reaction times
  • The improvement of road delineation especially for; lane merging, on/off ramps, interchanges, and complex intersections
  • Increased visibility in adverse weather conditions (e.g. fog)
  • They are maintenance free and fully self-contained
  • A reliable and robust design
  • All year round performance
  • Eco-friendly installation process
  • Uni or bi-directional
  • Various colour options; RED, AMBER, GREEN, WHITE
  • No external power source required
Hard Wired Road Studs

The Hardwire Stud System is an extremely modern approach to traffic management providing guidance and advanced warning to drivers day and night. Low Voltage Mains powered, the ultra bright LED’s within each stud give up to 1,000 metres of visibility.

Hardware System studs are the solution to keeping traffic moving within clearly defined lanes.

The studs can be supplied and installed as a complete standalone system, but also integrated with other established systems.

    Example solutions:

    • Dynamic Lane Marking Systems
    • Crossing Systems
    • Pedestrian Guidance
    • Fog Detection & Warning Systems
    • Tunnel Lane Control
    • Speed Control Systems
    • Accident/Black Spot Delineation Speed Activation & Warning Systems
    • All year round performance
    • Uni or bi-directional
    • Various colour options; RED, AMBER, GREEN, WHITE
    • Mains power source required
    • Low Voltage, low power consumption
    • Cost effective safety solution


Successful installation has taken place on:

  • Urban, Rural and Trunk Road Networks
  • Intersections and Roundabouts
  • On and off slip roads
  • Bus depots
  • Lay-by’s
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • DrivewaysRail / Tram Platforms
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Toll Plazas
  • Cyclepaths
  • Lane Control System
  • Fog Warning Systems
  • Accident / Black Spot Delineation